Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Abortions Decided By Men And Playing The Flute With The iPhone: Things That Matter With Mike And Nev

(While Mike and Nev finalize how to podcast from opposite coasts, they're recording new podcasts while Mike is visiting from New York. Here's the second of four new episodes!!)

(Mike and Nev love reading comments from listeners on the air!! Leave us a letter on this site or at

This week on an all new 10-minute podcast on Things That Matter With Mike And Nev:

Mike and Nev get a letter that starts with: "I think abortions should be decided by men."

And a podcast topic is born.

And Mike plays the flute with his iPhone.

It's stupid.

It's pointless.

It's irrelevant.

It's Things That Matter With Mike And Nev.


Listen to the episode by left-clicking here: Episode 84

Download the episode by right-clicking here: Episode 84

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